upgrades and their prices

Below is a list of the possible upgrades to your network pass and their respective prices:

1) Spring Pass - $69. You can ride the rest of the season (about one month to go) for 69 bucks.  that's less than a day pass.
2) Mtn. Bike Pass - $59.  Mtn bike this summer at kirkwood.
3) Ski Green - $10.  Proceeds go to "supporting kirkwood's mission to transform its energy system."
4) Skier Guard Insurance - $18.  If you can't use your pass for more than 30 days due to "unforeseen circumstances" kirkwood will reimburse you for the unused portion if you purchase this insurance.
5) X-country - $59.  Adds x-country to your pass so you can use the vast x-country grounds at kirkwood all season.

These are all add-ons in the check out process.  You will have to click yes or no to each to proceed.  Thought I'd provide pricing info to help.

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