Kirkwood has a group discount deal for their Unlimited Season Passes.  I'm a group organizer and I post updates and purchasing info for the deal so you can save your $$$s for beer.

The network passes are unlimited passes.  You can ski/ride any day of the season, no blackouts or weekend limitations.  They also come with discounts on buddy passes, lodging and retail.  They generally track Kirkwood's unlimited or 7wood passes, they are just cheaper because you're getting a group discount.  While the name of my group is "epa," you don't have to show any affiliation with EPA to purchase this pass.  

All sales of season passes go through Kirkwood's secure server where you pay with a credit card.  To access the discounted prices, you need the website, group name and password shown below:

group login

group name =epa

password = kirkwood
The website, group name and password don't change.  What changes is the price. For the 2011/2012 season, the first price increase will be on May 1st.  I post updates on this site, reminding folks of the deadlines.  

I also have a "Frequently Asked Questions" link on the top of this site.  If that doesn't answer your questions, feel free to email me at: kirkwoodnetworkpass@gmail.com