Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is my network pass valid at heavenly, northstar or any other vail owned colorado resorts?
A. For 2011/2012 network passholders, your pass is valid at heavenly and northstar for the remainder of the 2012 season.  For 2013 passholders, your network pass is only valid at kirkwood.  None of the network passes are valid at any colorado resort.

Q. Are there going to be any network options that include heavenly and northstar?
A.  Vail has not announced such a program and I don't foresee that they will.  If you want a multi-resort pass, I'd recommend you check out the epic pass options. However if you want an unrestricted pass at kirkwood, the network pass is your best bet. 

Q. why is this pass cheaper than kirkwood and vail's direct sales?
A. kirkwood gives us a discount for being part of a "network" group. This program used to be part of the corporate sales deal, but has morphed into a network group discount. I organize the group, give out the login and password, and you get the cheaper pass.

Q. do you get paid?
A. no. but if the group sales are large enough, i get certain perks at the resort.

Q. do I have to show any affiliation with "epa" to purchase the network pass?
A. nope. as long as you have the login and password... yer set!

Q. does kirkwood send me my pass in the mail?
A. you have to download, sign and fax/send back the liability release first (download it here: 2011 liability release).  you can fax it back to the season pass office at 209.258.4437.  If you don't have a picture on file, you also need to send them a pic. Then they'll hook you up with a pass in the mail before the snow falls.  more info on the whole procedure can be found here: http://www.kirkwood.com/site/tickets-passes/wheres-my-pass

Q. can i get the skier guard insurance?
A. yes. This is an option when you're going through the checkout process.  In fact you have to check "yes" or "no"  in order to proceed with the checkout process.  See also more info on upgrades

Q. are there any blackout days?
A. nope. you can ski/ride any day that kirkwood is open in the 2012/2013 season

Q. how do i take advantage?
go to: kirkwood.com/network. Enter => group name = epa, password = kirkwood
then follow the links to the 12/13 network pass and use your credit card to purchase the pass.

Q. do you see my credit card information?
no. The payment site is a secure site maintained by kirkwood mountain resort. I just get the word out about the network deal. I don't have anything to do with your credit card. only kirkwood does.

Q. Can I get discounted day passes for my friends?
For 2012/2013, Network passes do not come with discounted day passes.

Q. What's the difference between this pass and a Kirkwood only pass from Vail resorts?
Honestly not much aside from $$$. the perks are pretty much the same. and most importantly, you can RIDE ANY DAY OF THE SEASON. period.

Q.  What if I already purchased a 7wood pass (or any other pass from kirkwood)?  Can I still get the discount? 
A.  Yes.  Just call Kirkwood's season pass office at 209.258.7277.  Tell them you'd like to switch from the 7wood to the network pass using EPA's network login.  They will switch you over and credit you the $50.