save $150 through September 8th

A little more than a month left to get yer pass and save big. Get yer unlimited pass for $150 less than through kirkwood directly.

through September 8th:

$399 - for a single purchaser.

$379 - get a group of 4 people together and buy your passes in a "quad." you can use 4 separate credit cards, but you have to purchase the passes at the same time, same computer. this takes a little planning but is worth the $20 savings. If you need help coordinating, feel free to email me and I'll see if I can help with matching everybody up into groups of 4. the downside is that 4 is the magic number, not 5, 3 or 11... has to be 4. and you all have to basically complete the transaction at one computer or share your cc info.

the purchasing procedure is described in more detail in previous posts. but in a nutshell, you go here:


then enter:

group name = epa

password = kirkwood

and follow the cues to the network pass.

questions?? email me at: kirkwoodnetworkpass@gmail.com

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