$379 for Quads - $399 for Singles

new pricing structure through September 8th:

$399 - for a single purchaser.

$379 - get a group of 4 people together and buy your passes in a "quad." you can use 4 separate credit cards, but you have to purchase the passes at the same time. this takes a little planning but is worth the $20 savings. If you need help coordinating, feel free to email me and I'll see if I can help with the grouping. You won't have to share credit card info with strangers...

To take advantage of the savings go to:


group name = epa

password = kirkwood

  • then hit "click here to see available items"
  • then select "Network Pass" (single) or "Network Quad 1 of 4" (quad)
  • then select the yes or no box for each of the following: 1) Mtn. bike upgrade; 2) Season Pass insurance; 3) Ski Green; and 4) XC upgrade. (You have to check a box to proceed. a little slow to update each check, just be patient).
  • then click "add to cart."
the rest is pretty straightforward. If you have bought a pass in the past, they should have your info on file. If not, you have to give them the goods. Then agree to their terms (another check box), and proceed to checkout with your plastic.

After agreeing to their terms, those buying in a quad will be asked go through the same process again for each member of the quad. Once all the quad members have been added, you can proceed to checkout, using up to four different credit cards to purchase the passes. Hopefully that helps.

email me if you have questions: kirkwoodnetworkpass@gmail.com

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