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I've been been getting a lot of questions about buddy tickets on the network passes.  Thought I'd clarify a few points:
  • the (6) buddy passes that Kirkwood is marketing on their adult passes are basically $10 off coupons for full day lift tickets for your friends.  They are NOT comp passes, free passes, etc.  They just enable you to pay $70 for a lift ticket.... instead of $80.
  • You can typically find much better deals on lift tickets for your friends at REI, sports basement, costco, groupon, shell 2 for 1, etc.  you just have to plan ahead.  
  • Unlike previous years, 2013 network passes do not come with buddy passes.
  • But just do the math.  You save $50 on a network pass.  If you buy the kirkwood pass, you are essentially paying $50 for 6 opportunities to save $10 on a lift ticket.... when there are so many other options out there for discounted lift tickets, it doesn't really add up. 
I hope that helps in making your decision... the network pass is a better value for your $$$s.  Lock in the savings here:


login = epa

password = kirkwood

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