two weeks left! - prices good through sept. 6th!

$329 = unlimited season pass to kirkwood using the login and password below. that's $50 less than a 7wood (the equivalent pass).  price goes up after sept. 6th

login = epa        
password = kirkwood 

bonus = > if you're in the area over labor day, kirkwood's having a blowout of last season's gear.  2011 passholders get extra-special pricing on last years stuff and the incoming 2011 goods.  so get your pass before labor day! 

to purchase go here = > www.kirkwood.com/networkpass

for info on other pass benefits = > bennies

for answers to FAQs, including how to get your pass in the mail = > FAQs

for comparison pricing at other tahoe area resorts = > tahoe resort pricing

for a basic advanced math problem, go here = > math

any additional question, email me here = > kirkwoodnetworkpass@gmail.com

hope to see ya'll on the hill this season!

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