Stay tuned for the 2011 pass sale starting soon!

a few of you have inquired about 2011 pass prices for the epa network since kirkwood just announced their pass sale on their website for their standard passes.  It's looking like kirkwood is putting the network deal together as we speak.  It should be launched sometime in the next couple of days and it's looking like a huge price reduction from last year!  thanks recession.  preliminarily they're saying $299 for an unlimited pass through april 25th. 

stay tuned and I'll post info as it comes to me...

happy riding the rest of the season, looking like some snow coming our way next week.  woot woot.


Julieanne said...

Kirkwood Ski Resoprt just sent out an email indicating they are now selling 2010/1011 7Wood passes without holiday blackouts for $349and $408 with X-Country added on. Can you get further discounts?

mannies said...

yes. Prices are $299 for an unlimited pass. You can add on xcountry for $358 total. let me know if you need more info: kirkwoodnetworkpass@gmail.com