update on timeline and future pricing structure...

So in case you're not quite ready to commit to a pass for next season by April 30th...

understandably so. Here is what the pricing structure will look like after that deadline.

- price will go up to $399
- if you buy in a group of 4 (ie. "quad"), you can still get the $379 deal. You can use 4 separate credit cards, but you have to be a group of 4 all purchasing at once. not 3, 5, 6, 11, 17 or any non-multiple of 4. kinda lame, but i don't make the rules.

so if you want to avoid the hassle of organizing yourselves in squares... and/or you want to save $20, then i encourage you to make the purchase before april 30th.

The $399 single/$379 quad price will be good until september 8th. then prices will jump again, to, as of now, unknown levels.

as a reminder:


login = epa

password = kirkwood

$379 = any day kirkwood is open, you are in.

pass it on....

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